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A modem is what connects you to the Internet Service Provider, basically it is what was registered in order to activate your internet provider account.


A router connects to your modem and your devices in order to route your home network. It can connect your devices using hard lines (fast ethernet cat5e or cat6) known as wired, or use wireless connections known as WiFi.


A switch is used after the router using hard lines in order to connect your devices such as a Desktop-PC or a Laptop-PC. Some people don't think switches are necessary and directly connect there Desktop-PCs or Laptop-PCs to the router, I personally would recommend using switches in order to network your house most efficiently.


A more modern approach has left people to use a completely wireless network known as WiFi. This is definately a must have in all households, and wireless-routers should be strategically placed so the signal can reach all parts of your home, especially with wireless phones which cannot be connected using hard lines. So again I am still convinced I would use switches and hard lines when possible in order to reserve throughput for wireless devices while taking advantage of usually a stronger connection using hard lines. Whatever you choose I can help people design the network in their home to make it more convenient for all residents and there guests. So call if you think I can help in these matters using the equipment you already have from your internet provider as well as incorporating new equipment that can enhance your network speed and efficiency.